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sculptures, reliefs, monuments in Madrid, Spain

Welcome to my sculpture workshop for Madrid and the rest of Spain. I invite you to share the art with me.

I make professional sculptures on commission: busts, full body human figures, animals, ornaments and all kinds of designs related with sculpture and drawing. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in art as a professional I can make any project come true while offering an exceptional quality, full of positive feelings and beauty.

A simple explanation, an aproximate draught or a photograph is enough so that your idea becomes a reality. Possibilities are ample, because I can execute my work in any size and material; everything the sculpture medium and your imagination will permit.

The materials can be chosen according to the client's economic possibilities and circumstances. A sculpture can be made of clay (terracotta), bronze, marble, resin, wood, plaster or porexpan. Sizes can go from a 10cm miniature, to a big and monumental sculpture.

A common commission in my workshop is to create a bust of someone close, which can be a very original present, an unforgettable memory with great value that will stay forever, decorating your home and giving a warm feeling to it.

A more complete option would be to create a life-sized figure of someone, made exactly like him or her; an unforgettable piece and perfect decoration for a garden, giving a special touch to the landscape, or a house.

And if you want a whole sculpture set (a water fountain or a monumental sculpture) an explanation or a rough drawing will be enough so that your idea comes to life. Quality is guaranteed.

I don't live in Madrid but this city ispires me, with its variety of sculptures that give it some special charm. Many sculptures in Madrid are made of bronze, a material that is almost eternal, sometimes with a greenish color that makes the work stand out with time. We can also see in Madrid many sculptures and architectural works made of marble and other kinds of fine stones, from the many varieties found in Spain. It's a rustic and beautiful material. In general it's a delight to see sculptures made of natural materials, be it stone, marble or terracotta.

I'm glad that you're visiting my page and I hope it will be to your liking.

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